After seeing the teaser I REALLY wanted to see it. After seeing the trailer I REALLY didn’t. I thought it would be boring or snotty or idk fake? So then I got invited to go, and OH WOW I AM SO HAPPY I SAW THIS MOVIE. American trailers are always 99% AWFUL because…

We went to see the Boxtrolls advance screening last week — this is Allison’s reaction.

You can now pick up ‘Fish Tank’ prints for a pretty good price on inprnt!

ottermind from imgur made it a gif!

ottermind from imgur made it a gif!

If you liked my Facebook page, it would make me smile!

drawing workout: movement with morph

And bonus cats!


Some awesome Chloe and the Stars icons from jkamosaurus!

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This morning’s warm-up was fanart for Inkle Studios AWESOME 80 DAYS game. By far the best game I’ve played this year.

Check out this girl-band cartoon Kickstarter from #dunnamic !